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It’s time to have fun.

Hello?!!! THIS is F-U-N!

This photograph of a room decorated by Sister Parish should have    “Fabulous” stamped across it. You can find more at Sister Parish Design.

If you find yourself decorating your home to impress others you are probably not having fun. If you are reading this from any city other than Scottsdale, AZ this may not be a problem in your fair city.

Worst case scenario, you are making purchases that are status makers among your peers and you secretly hate them….(oops, not your peers silly, your purchases). I hate this idea. Or, the early stages of creative atrophy, you are just totally out of touch with who you are and what you consider your personal aesthetic.

What if the universe is calling upon you to be the trend setter among your peeps (peeps and peers may be used interchangeably) and instead you are one of the sheep?

Summon your comatose creativity and get on with it dear child. Wake up all the sleepy-head greige rooms around you. If you need to remind yourself of the fun there is in decorating, I submit to you the book I am currently reading about the aforementioned Mrs. Henry Parish II better known in the design world as Sister Parish.

The book shares amazing details of her journey through interior decorating for herself and her most famous client, Jackie Kennedy during her White House years. Once you acquaint yourself with this creative force you will likely have a hard time figuring out how style icon Jackie Kennedy paired with Sister Parish did not cause some dangerous explosion of F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S infecting the entire population with good taste and panache. But alas, there is still BAD design and lots of work to do to save the world from it all.

I have adopted her philosophy which simply points us all back to decorating from the book

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