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Nothing New…

The internet is a big place, but sometimes it doesn’t seem that way. Do you remember going out clubbing in a big city and after awhile you saw THE SAME PEOPLE over and over again, week after week? Is there really nothing NEW under the sun? These are things I ponder.

I feel sometimes like my favorite place to pour over beautiful images contains millions of rabbit holes that lead me to wonder and amazement and then right back to images I have seen a million times before. I feel a competition to have my Pinterest kick your Pinterest’s ass. Is it just me? “Oh yeah, I pinned that image months ago”. Let’s face reality, the internet is enabling total access to everything by everyone immediately.

Ironic as it is, we may be chasing originality only to end up copycats. So, I am considering a cleanse from inspiration images that currently bounce like little lambs over my brain as I fall asleep at night (yes, I have a problem). And I am going to see what’s in here (I am pointing to my brains as I type).

When I imagine the creative process of some of the most original humans I know, I wonder where they go? Bjork? Kelly Wearstler? Where do those fine ladies get their creative originality? What about Tony Duquette. Nature seems to inspire their work. Bjork talks about running along the glaciers and letting her voice bounce through the valley in her native land. Kelly Wearstler embellishes beautiful metal with rocks and stones.

Below are some images that seem fresh and new to me when I place them within the context of design creation.  Of course, I have just proved my point as I communicate via images found on the internet.

I so enjoy the texture and form in this photo.


It is frozen but it suggests movement…… be it ever. so. slow.




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