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Happily Haphazard…


I notice the outfitting and the decor I respond to the most is less perfect than the slick magazines I bring home. It’s usually a person with amazing style and classic elements already in the mix who can toss a mismatched pillow on the sofa or stack some reading material on the floor and make accidental magic happen.

It’s the woman with the jeans from the thrift store and the Armani jacket she’s owned for decades who can slip her teenage son’s T-shirt underneath, add a scarf and out the door who turns heads. So I’m not talking about unkept. I’m talking about calculated nonchalance, maybe?*


*Kate Moss and maybe 2 other people on the planet are equipped with a special chip in their brains that enables this without thought.




Marie Beltrami’s scribbled wall on The Selby


I have boxes of photos hidden away waiting to “put them in an album”. I should file that project under “nevergonnahappen” and take a tip from Rita Konig.


Ines…. just impossibly cool.


Style and Comfort- not mutually exclusive!


You can really never tell how old an image of Kate Moss is. Nuff said.


And Stella, so completely relaxed in her own skin.


A great place to see looks that are a bit less contrived is The Selby. Fearless and always joyful, the living spaces featured on the site reflect a childlike and creative approach to life. Here are some of my favorite images from The Selby and other places. Have fun messing up your hair and your house…..Live a little.




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