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Vogue gets its Granny On………

My new obsession, Granny Chic, or Glossy Grandma as I have heard it referred to has just been given the nod by Vogue……May 2010 issue. It is not surprising and probably no accident that in the same issue, our beloved Sister Parish was honored in the article “House Rules”.

This delicious spread of fashion and decor features just “off” color combinations, almost dusty hair dos and some fantastic collections of art and bric-a-brac to titalate any thrifter or mid-mod-regency decor buff. I feel the sudden need to paint a wall teal and gold leaf my telephone. Wait, I don’t own a telephone. Maybe I should buy one….they’re soooo Graaaaaaandma.

The charm of this trend is that it is perhaps the most non-trendy gig in town. Grab a solid sofa, add some monochromatic accents and collections of whatever. And don’t forget that your wall art should appear to have been assembled over time and include modern, oil paintings, elaborate frames as well as sleek ones.

This look is yanked into 2010 by its  mash up of pieces that are nostalgic with some that are down right modern. I just gave my office a Granny Chic refresh and want to spend all my time at my desk now, opening real mail——not email, with a letter opener while  sipping a bloody mary. Bridge anyone?

grannychicvogue 002grannychicvogue 001grannychicvogue

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