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New Years Resolutions

Today is January 2nd. I have not yet made a resolution for 2010. I think I will start with blogging more consistently. I think that is a great resolution.

So why not start things with a bang, shall we? I am reluctant to share the following information as I admit I am a bit greedy with information. But let’s face it, most of you reading this blog have probably seen this anyway and I didn’t create the site I am about to show you…(false modesty)…….so I can just hear my fabulous gay male friends say “oh, get over yourself…” and for this I will share.  SHOOTFACTORY. Heard of it right? I thought so.

This website is the fabulousness I tell you and here is why….Like Viviun- another favorite site, This one features real homes, real dwellings where there are people, people smells, people food and people conversations. There are doubts over life and decorating (sorry to be redundant) and imperfections…ahh humanity.

If you travel to this site, you will enjoy amazingness primarily from the UK. The London Homes alone could be used as a daily decor devotional for your creative soul…..enough homes (with over 10 photos each) to keep you inspired for more than 2 months if you savor but one per day……DELICIOUS I TELL YOU.

Here are photos from one of my favorites on the site……I must state I have never been fond of using lace in decorating, but this dreamy hodge podge had me at “BOHO”…….I could live and die in this space and be content.

bohemian shootfactory


Happy creative New Year to you…..and see you more in 2010………….

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