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Mirror Mirror on the wall………..

Last year around this time, I notified my husband I had found my Christmas present. A beautiful gold Hollywood Regency mirror to go over the sadly naked fireplace mantle. Such a win win win situation. I get what I want…..he doesn’t have to shop and the fireplace….DUH!.

This whole idea of picking out one’s own gift has really bugged me for a long time and I also feel it doesn’t let you know if someone really knows how to buy for you …..AND it takes the suprise out of it doesn’t it?

Not long after this, I was standing in line in the hot sun waiting for my local Goodwill to open at 8am for half off day. I had spotted a huge……mirror……..the day before and could envision it in my dining room over a regency buffet I had purchased there that week. A little paint and I knew the result would be amazing. The doors opened….I ran……all the way to where Beautiful had been sitting last eve. and grabbed him. Somehow I made it to the front of the store with no help and paid my 14.99. I had to rent a U-haul van to get both items home, but even after that and the paint, I only had 150 bucks in the whole project.

Interestingly, about 2 months before our anniversary this year I returned from a thrifting expedition near a retirement community ( I don’t need to tell master thrifters that this is THE MONEY!!!!!) and notified my husband I had found my anniversary present!!!!! A big gold Florentine mirror…..for………..over the fireplace. UGH. I see an obsession forming. Oh, peeshaw…….I just love mirrors!

Amazingly, my wonderful husband did not call me out, but stated he trusted my decorating choices and to go ahead and make the mirror thing happen. It’s smaller predecessor took a fabulous and unexpected spot in the downstairs powder room. Perfect.

I have many other mirrors….all sizes and when I start purging my stuff the mirrors never go. I have come to clearly see that mirrors are like a good sofa, a strong table, a versitile lamp. They are a basic. And for someone just starting to assemble their decor, a mirror can and perhaps should be a beginning point.

In a small space, more light reflected makes the space seem larger…hence “smoke and mirrors” …..this is not a bad thing!…..In a large space where artwork would be too expensive, a mirror costing a fraction of a large piece is a perfect solution. So I am feeling justified and even empowered now that I know that every mirror purchased is a useful decorating tool.

thewallmirrors.com is not only a great resource when choosing one, it can be a great place to brush up on your design jargon….you will know your Rococa from your Regency in no time…….

For now, a few examples of the dramatic effect one can have.

mirror1absolutely beautiful thingsbathroom

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